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A book of cheerful cats and other animated animals

by Joseph Greene Francis.

Cats and all about them

by Lady of Ninety, John Ruskin, Kate Greenaway (Illustrator).

Cat and dog, or, Memoirs of Puss and the Captain : a story founded on fact

by Julia Charlotte Maitland, Harrison Weir (Illustrator).

Cats : their points and characteristics : with curiosities of cat life, and a chapter on feline ailments

by Gordon Stables.

Dame trot and her cat [Illustrated]

Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats

by John Ruskin.

Letters from a cat : published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children

by Helen Hunt Jackson, Addie Leddyard (Illustrator).

Our cats and all about them : their varieties, habits, and management, and for show, the standard of excellence and beauty

by Harrison Weir.

Puss in boots

Rabbits, cats and cavies; descriptive sketches of all recognised exhibition varieties with many original anecdotes

by Charles Henry Lane, Rosa Bebb (Illustrator).

The book of the cat

by Miss Frances Simpson.

The book of cats : a chit-chat chronicle of feline facts and fancies, legendary, lyrical, medical, mirthful and miscellaneous

by Charles Henry Ross [Illustrated]

The cat

by Violet Hunt.

The cats' convention

by Eunice Gibbs Allyn.

The history of Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of London : with the adventures of his cat

by George Cruikshank, Allen Robert Branston.

The history of Whittington and his cat. Shewing, how from a poor country boy, destitute of parents or relations, he attained great riches, and was promoted to the high and honourable dignity of Lord Mayor of London. Adorned with cuts

by Richard Whittington.

The Marquis of Carabas' picture book : containing Puss in Boots, Old Mother Hubbard, Valentine and Orson, the absurd ABC [Illustrated]

by Walter Crane.

The nine lives of a cat : a tale of wonder

by Charles Henry Bennett.

The tiger in the house

Carl Van Vechten.

Tom Kitten

by Beatrix Potter.

Wonderful history of three little kittens who lost their mittens

by Robert Michael Ballantyne.

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